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Fully Solar powered

Our green datacenter is fully Solar powered.


Low cost hosting

All the payments are in SecureCloudNet coins (SCN) and we are proud to be the cheapest hosting platform on the internet.

One button setup

We have a fully automated deployment system that has only one button to deploy a masternode.

Pre-payed system

Payments are made in advance of service each month, manual or automatically, with our automated payment system.

RYON hosting

We provide “Run Your Own Node” hosting so your coins are always safe in your own wallet.

For help or more information you can always go to our SecureCloudNet Discord channel

Donation address:

SCN address:   :    sTKUi7n7cyuxj8kHLQWYNqDvgrpfaT44sY

btc address      :    3KLRijwWX323MFFVjrL1oWERiCpoLaUXJf